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Wolfe Events has coordinated several events on my yacht over the years -- always demonstrating exceptional attention to detail and adding the perfect nautical touch to the Joey's parties. She feels like a part of the crew!


The Vault Catering

I look forward to earning your catering business next year.  It is an amazing experience to partner with such a class act as Beth Wolfe as well as your team.  It makes our job enjoyable and stress free.


Have a great holiday season and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Lynne Bennioff

Dave Goff

Deputy Fire Marshal, Valley Regional Fire Authority

Thanks, Beth. I appreciate your promptness and your attention to detail. Would be glad to be a reference for you for other fire departments that you work with.

Kathy Fogle

Training Division Secretary, Gig Harbor Fire

I so enjoyed working with you, Beth!  You made the event planning go smoothly because of your creativity, your follow-through and your excellent communication.  


I hope we  can work together again next year!

Thank YOU so much for a perfect event. I am writing a proper thank you card, but I did want to say now how much we appreciated everything. It was all flawless! And I could tell people were having fun, especially the birthday boy.

Amanda Tucci

Sherrilee Shawcroft
Senior Marketing Coordinator, MultiCare

Special thanks to Beth Wolfe for her attention to detail and immense help coordinating everything, keeping all of the parts in motion. We couldn’t do this (sanely) and manage our day-to-day jobs without you!   Another great event, executed wonderfully!

THANK YOU, Beth!  You have made my job and life so much more manageable (and fun) and bring new perspective to every event we execute.

Desiree West-McCarty
Sr. Internal Communications Specialist, MultiCare

You are always such a joy to work with. You are always so dependable and pay attention to all of the important event details. Thanks so much for all you do for MultiCare!

Marissa Cleveland, Manager

MultiCare MedSpa at Gig Harbor

Thank you again for all of your help!  You always ensure a smooth event and handled every process (easy and not so easy) with grace and confidence.  I truly enjoy working with you!

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